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ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practices

WKU is partnering with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) to offer a Course in Effective Teaching Practices for WKU faculty. ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices is the first course designed for higher education faculty members that leads to a nationally-recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Thirty-two WKU faculty members have completed the course and earned the ACE-endorsed Certificate in Effective College Instruction. 


The online course requires participating faculty to complete 25 modules addressing the five main areas of the Effective Practice Framework:

  1. Designing an Effective Course and Class
  2. Establishing a Productive Learning Environment
  3. Using Active Learning Techniques
  4. Promoting Higher Order Thinking
  5. Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning 

The course presents over 200 evidence-based teaching practices, and includes interviews with college teaching experts and videos showcasing exemplary teaching at institutions across the nation.  Participating faculty implement a new technique in each module and reflect on that implementation.  

WKU ACUE Cohort Summary Report


  • Robin Ayers, Instructor II of Mathematics
  • Simran Banga, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Kristine Barron, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Thea Browder, Associate Professor of History
  • Kate Brown, Assistant Professor of History
  • Jake Byl, Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Margaret Crowder, Instructor II of Geology
  • Darwin Dahl, Professor of Chemistry
  • Yongming Deng, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Scott Dobler, Instructor II of Geography
  • Sarah Edwards, Instructor I of Chemistry
  • Terry Elliot, Instructor II of English
  • Chandra Emani, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Stacey Forsythe, Assistant Professor of Sport Management
  • Jessica Frohling, Instructor of Theatre and Dance
  • Dominique Gumirakiza, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics
  • Tony Harkins, Professor of History
  • Jan Hunt-Shepherd, Associate Professor of Public Health
  • Grace Lartey, Professor of Public Health
  • Jeremy Logsdon, Assistant Professor, School of Teacher Education
  • Katie Luna, Instructor I of Psychological Sciences
  • Kerri McDaniel, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Paula Potter, Professor of Management
  • Dianna Ransdell, Instructor I, School of Allied Health
  • Freddy Rodriguez, Military Science Instructor
  • Naomi Rowland, Laboratory Manager, Biology
  • Nilesh Sharma, Instructor of Biology
  • Carnetta Skipworth, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Patricia Todd, Professor of Marketing
  • Joel Turner, Professor of Political Science
  • Fallon Willoughby, Instructor of Organizational Leadership
  • Uta Ziegler, Professor of Computer Science



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