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Taking Your Hybrid Course to the Next Level

Facilitator: Alicia Pennington

Clock 9:30AM - 10:30AM Pin Drop WEBINAR 

Take your hybrid course to the next level by transitioning it to a HyFlex course. While a hybrid course allows students to complete certain work online and certain work in the classroom, a true HyFlex course allows students to complete course work either online or in the classroom. A HyFlex course offers students the highest degree of flexibility in their learning and can lead to increased student motivation and success. Join us as we consider the intricacies of the HyFlex modality and think through ways in which you might adapt your hybrid course.

A Zoom link to this webinar will be sent the morning of the event.




Understanding Difference and Cultural Awareness to Engage with Diverse Students

Facilitators: Michelle Jones, Monica Burke and Fabian Alvarez

Clock 1:00PM - 3:00PM Pin Drop WEBINAR 

There are marginalized groups of students in our WKU classrooms. This workshop will help faculty understand the needs of these groups of students. Faculty will be challenged to step outside of their comfort zones to learn about struggles of individuals who identify differently. In small breakout groups, participants will apply concepts and terminology to a variety of scenarios. Through critical reflection, participants will gain awareness of how their individual identities and experiences impact course design and delivery.

A Zoom link will be sent the morning of the event.




Students' Misconceptions About Learning: A Deeper Look at Misunderstandings and How to Help

Facilitators: Jenni Redifer & Christina Noel

Clock 1:00PM - 2:00PM Pin Drop WEBINAR 

As both teachers and learners we all have experiences or have heard things that shape our beliefs about how we and others learn, but are all of these things true and evidence based? Join us for a discussion of common myths related to learning, including learning styles, students’ misconceptions about online learning and abilities to multitask, and the evidence that refutes those myths, as well as how it can be harmful to student learning to perpetuate them. Presented by Jenni Redifer (Department of Psychology) and Christina Noel (School of Teacher Education), this session will also offer suggestions for replacing myth-based classroom practices.

A Zoom link to this webinar will be sent the morning of the event.




Brain Basics: Using Our Brains During Stressful Times

Facilitators: Lacretia Dye, Monica Burke and Cynthia Mason

Clock 1:00PM - 2:00PM Pin Drop WEBINAR 

As we prepare for the last few weeks of the semester everyone is feeling the stress. Deadlines are approaching, grades are waiting, the list goes on and we work hard to get it all done. Join us for a conversation with Dr. Lacretia ‘Cre’ Dye,  Dr. Monica Burke and Dr. Cynthia Mason  in the Department of Counseling and Student Affairs, as they walk us through a discussion of how the brain works (or doesn’t work) under stress and the strategies we might consider to mitigate our stress as well as the stress of our students.

A Zoom link to this webinar will be sent the morning of the event.




Deliberative Dialogue: Confederates in OUR Attic

Facilitators: Leah Thompson & Molly Kerby

Clock 4:30PM - 6:30PM Pin Drop WEBINAR -  Space is limited to 60 participants.

The WKU Diversity, Equity, & Inclusive Workgroup will host “Confederates in OUR Attic,” a Deliberative Dialogue concerning campus buildings named after slave-owners. Should we rename buildings named after slave-owners? Should we end the tradition of naming campus buildings? Should we consider these buildings named after slave-owners simply part of our history? Are there other options? Register for one of two Deliberative Dialogues aimed at exploring the issue of named buildings at WKU.

A Zoom link to this webinar will be sent the morning of the event.

Registration closes on November 12th.




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