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Computer Information Technology

Computer Information Technology (CIT)


Modern organizations depend on technologies to help them stay competitive. Information Technology professionals are they key players in planning and managing an organization's future, supporting key operations, maintaining Internet access, and supervising security functions.

Computers and the Internet continue to evolve and play an increasingly important role in our lives. The Computer Industry continues to produce jobs in design, programming, installation, administration and maintenance. As new technologies are developed they "spin off" jobs and opportunities that didn't exist before. Consider career such as web designer, search engine optimization specialist, security analyst, and eBay PowerSeller.

The Computer Information Technology (CIT) Program is your ticket to join this exciting field and will prepare you for a career in such technical areas as Web design and programming, database administration, computer network administration, and information security. A career in CIT is both can be challenging and rewarding.

The CIT program at Western Kentucky University will help prepare you with a solid foundation for a successful career.


 Last Modified 3/21/14