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CIT Student Testimonials

The following testimonials are provided by graduating CIT seniors...

Student: Spencer Elswick
Comment: This program allowed me to steer my learning to what I needed, in order to take my career to the next level
Term: 19SP

Student: Bryon K. Eversole
Comment: The flexibility of the program being 100% online was one if the main attributes that brought me to WKU. I work full time and have a family to take of so go to a campus miles away was just not possible. The CIT program has given me the chance to gain the knowledge for a success career start which I hope to build upon the skills I've learned in the years to come within the career of IT.
Term: 19SP

Student: David Dewayne Meece
Comment: I would recommend WKU to anyone who wants an affordable college and wants to learn. The teachers and staff are awesome!
Term: 19SP

Student: Sha Mangar
Comment: Frankly speaking, I am proud to take CIT program at WKU. I found courses/program beyond my expectation. The courses are well prepared and balanced with other important extra curriculars to make the students compatible and to meet the present and future employers' market demands. In CIT program all important and necessity curriculars are given equal importance.  I have experienced that all professors are well experienced and expert in their respective field. They are always ready to support the students and always strive to impart the best and the latest knowledge to the students.  In CIT program, I am able to acquire many other skills like communication, teamwork, leadership etc. I find these, very important and necessity to success and become more confident.  In conclusion, I can say WKU is platform, where students can make overall development and become an expert in this competitive world of technology. .
Term: 19SP

Student: Jacob Baker
Comment: The CIT program at WKU has offered a straight-forward path to individuals, such as myself, to complete a Bachelor's degree after obtaining an AAS in Technology from certified community colleges. I truly believe that this is a great opportunity for individuals to further their education and to gain skills in a growing field.
Term: 19SP

Student: Nolan Dziubakowski
Comment: Overall the program was worthwhile and I learned a lot, even about topics that are not directly about IT. There are a wide range of IT subject courses that are available for self-paced learning through a WKU supported program called On-Demand. I took all of my courses through WKU's Online Degree program for CIT. While this did bar me from some courses, there was rarely a point at which I felt entirely out of options.
Term: 19SP

Student: Jardin Johnson
Comment: I feel like my experience within the program was great considering I was a 2+2 transfer student The stuff I learned while attending Skyctc help me understand courses and retain information better when taking classes here at WKU. Dr. Revels is a great adviser whom  lets you control your fate throughout the program which in the end has worked out for me. And has honestly prepared me for the IT field.
Term: 19SP

Student: Name witheld by request 
Comment: The CIT program at WKU has broadened my view of what it is to be an Information Technology professional. The courses offered are so broad and at the same time specialized that any individual will learn a new aspect of CIT by taking courses at WKU.
Term: 18SP

Student: Ben Russell 
Comment: WKU's CIT program offers unparalleled flexibility that more aspiring IT students need to be aware about.
Term: 18SP

Student: Michael Holbrook
Comment: I enjoyed my time at WKU. The curriculum and courses were set up to allow me to learn and succeed while working full time and living in an entirely different time zone. Many of my courses provided just the right amount of challenge while not overwhelming me as I am a full time student and working professional. My coursework tied in really well what I do professionally, and I learned a great deal. Many of the core concepts and skills I learned and honed at WKU I use today.
Term: 18SP


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