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Scholars in Service

Scholars in Service

Applications accepted year-round! Scholarships are awarded up to $1000!


I. Program Description

The Scholars in Service (SIS) program awards scholarships to WKU students who have a desire to impact communities. SIS recipients can complete social justice or service activities locally, domestically, or abroad. Projects that promote volunteerism, service-learning, or social activism will be considered for funding. Examples of eligible activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • WKU Faculty-led Study Away or Study Abroad trips with a focus on service-learning, citizenship or social justice

  • Alternative break service trips through the Office of Student Activities and/or WKU Habitat for Humanity

  • Internships with a significant focus on citizenship or social justice (internships required for degree program are not eligible for funding)
  • Conference participation or professional development training that promotes citizenship or social justice

  • Participation expenses for experiential learning opportunities that promote citizenship or social justice

To discuss other project considerations, contact Ashley Edwards, WKU CCSJ Graduate Student Researcher at sis@wku.edu

II.  Eligibility Requirements

  • The applicant must be a WKU student registered for the semester in which the project will take place.

    • Exceptions are made for winter and summer projects. If the student wishes to apply for a scholarship to fund a summer project and they are not planning to register for summer classes, they must be registered for classes the following fall semester; likewise, if a student wishes to apply for a scholarship to fund a winter project and will not be taking winter courses, he or she must be registered for the following spring semester.

  • Projects must take place in conjunction with a WKU course, department, or registered organization.

  • All applicants must be in good academic standing.

  • Projects may vary in length, but reflections must be completed in the required timeframe. See Report/Reflection for more details.

  • Ineligible projects include:

    • Projects that are already completed before applying for funding

    • Faith-based projects that include proselytizing or evangelizing as part of the service experience

    • Projects which promote or advocate for one political candidate or party over another

    • Internship that are required by a student's degree program

III. Scholastic Requirement

Students must provide a Statement of Purpose that demonstrates the connectedness of their SIS experience with either 1) a course in which you are currently enrolled, 2) your academic field of study, or 3) WKU’s mission to be productive, engaged, and socially responsible citizen-leaders of a global society. Please contact the CCSJ office or your faculty sponsor if you have questions or need further clarification regarding the scholastic requirement.

IV. Service/Social Requirement

Projects must have a primary purpose of serving others and/or contributing to a citizenship or social justice cause. Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate an effort to have a sustainable impact.

V. Faculty/Organizational Sponsor

As part of the application process, students must provide the name and email address of a WKU faculty member or leader of a WKU registered student organization who will approve the project idea. The faculty member or organizational leader will be contacted directly by the CCSJ after the student has submitted the application.

VI. Funding

  • The funds for projects will be distributed directly to the student’s WKU account, pending the approval of the project by the Scholars in Service award committee.

  • The maximum amount to be awarded for any individual in a given academic semester is $1,000, depending on the scope and expected expenses of the project.

  • If students receive a scholarship or grant from another WKU department for their project, matching funds will be considered.

  • As a part of the application process, students must submit a budget detailing how the funds will be used. Budget section can be found in application.

  • Funds may not be used for the purchase of media, camera, or computer equipment, gifts and mementos, including recognition or award plaques.

  • Funding awarded through SIS will be deposited directly into students’ accounts.

  • If a student recieves funding from other sources, that must be disclosed in the application. 

  • As of Spring 2019, funding can only be dispersed to a student for one project per academic year. 

  • Receipts for all expenses associated with the SIS project must be submitted with end-of-project report to sis@wku.edu

**Failure to submit receipts and/or required reporting will result in ineligibility for funding for future SIS scholarship awards.

VII. Application Instructions

Please click here to download application. You should send application to sis@wku.edu. 

VIII. Report/Reflection

Short-term projects a week or shorter in duration will require an end-of-project reflection report. SIS projects longer than a week in duration will require the submission of a weekly written reflection in journal format, as well as the end-of-project reflection report. Visuals (photos and/or videos) are strongly encouraged for the reporting requirement. Links to the end-of-project reflection report and the weekly written reflection prompts can be found on the right side of this webpage. Please send reflections to sis@wku.edu within one week of completion of the project.

*If students are already required to complete a reflection for their class or department, etc., this reflection might fulfill part of this requirement. Please describe this reflection in the space provided on the online application.

**If students will be presenting to their classes or in another setting, an invitation to watch the presentation would be appreciated.

IX. Application Review and Notification

Students will be notified as soon as possible of the amount of their award. If you have not heard from someone in our office within two weeks (10-14 days), please contact Leah Ashwill or Ashley Edwards (contact info listed below).

X. Contact Information

Melinda Grimsley, WKU Office of Scholar Development





Scholars in Service Links

Downloadable Application 
Please download file and fill it in (do not fill in on webpage as you will not be able to save the file!)

SIS Project Review
Please review the project review rubric before submitting your application. This rubric breaks down how the applications are reviewed to determine project approval and funding. Projects must have a score of at least 15 to be funded.

Reflection Journal Prompts

End-of-Project Reflection

Past Award Recipients 



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