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For tuition and fees to be paid in-full, or in-part, by a third-party after the stated due date, a written authorization must be submitted to the Billings and Receivables Office and approved before the written due date.  If a written authorization is not received and/or approved, the student will be required to make full payment by the written due date.

Third-party sponsorship cannot be contingent on completion of courses or grades received.

Most third-party billing is processed in the Billings and Receivables Office.  However, some accounts are processed in Student Financial Assistance.  To determine who you need to contact, please refer below:

Billings and Receivables Office - Brookie Henry (270) 745-6277

         General Motors Company

Ford Motor Company



Various other Employer Tuition Assistance Programs

Prepaid Tuition Programs:  KAPT, PACT, Florida Prepaid, etc.


Student Financial Assistance- (270) 745-2755

Military - Katie McKee

Vocational Rehabilitation - Janet Holloway

Outside scholarships - Susan Fitzpatrick 

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 Last Modified 5/8/18