Western Kentucky University

Student Billing

All Bills are E-Bills

All billing is electronic, with students receiving account statements through their WKU email address.

Students can add a billing email address to their account so they can have their statements sent to another email address in addition to their WKU email address.  Many students and parents/payers enjoy the benefit of this service; it eliminates the hassle of students notifying parents/payers when their tuition payment is due.  It also allows parents/payers more time to make any necessary transactions for payments.

The process of setting up a billing email address is easy:

  • Simply logon to TopNet
  • Select  - "Personal Information" tab
  • Select  - View/Update Email Address(es)
  • Select  - Type of Email to Insert
  • Select  - Billing Email Address
  • Type in the Billing Email Address - Enter Submit

Once this is complete, your next billing statement will be sent to the billing email address and your WKU email address. 

 Last Modified 7/22/13