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BDAS Undergraduate Program

Brewing and Distilling Arts & Sciences

Brewing and distilling represent one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy in the United States, with craft brewing and craft distilling providing tremendous opportunities for innovative people to make in impact.

That impact goes beyond the simple production of alcohol. While it is true that learning to brew and distill can lead to long and rewarding careers, there are many facets of the industry that don't require extensive knowledge of either. The brewing and distilling industry provides opportunities in a wide variety of fields—from graphic design to industrial design, from the restaurant and hotel industry to agriculture and construction. 

The certificate was designed after a series of interviews with brewers and distillers, asking them what they wish they had known more of before they got into the industry. With that in mind, this program is designed for students to gain knowledge specific to the brewing and distilling industry in order that they can use their existing majors to add to the range of fields in which they can find employment. 

A crucial part of the educational experience is the capstone internship experience. Students will work with one of the program coordinators and a faculty advisor in the students' primary major to find an internship in an area of the industry relevant to the student's career aspirations. That might involve working alongside a brewer, with an architect designing a brewpub, with a graphic arts company specializing in labels or bottle design, or any of a number of fields. 


For more information contact one of the program coordinators:

Kristina Arnold—Potter College of Arts & Letters (Undergraduate)
Dr. Paula Potter—Gordon Ford College of Business
Dr. Cate Webb—Ogden College Science and Engineering (Graduate)


Upcoming Brewing and Distilling Undergraduate Course Rotation

Course Offered Colonnade?
ENT 312 - Entrepreneurship Spring 2019 face-to-face and online. Students are encouraged to register for Dr. Peake's sections. Yes - K-SY
HIST 341 - Cultural History of Alcohol Spring 2019: Mondays, 12:40 - 3:40 (Concurrent with BDAS 300. Students cannot take both.); T/Th 9:35; On Demand Yes - K-SC
BDAS 300 - Science of Fermentation Spring 2019: Mondays, 12:40 - 3:40. No
BDAS 495 - Internship Contact Undergraduate Program Coordinator No

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