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Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit National Nutrition Month  Ask the Dietitian! Students: If you are looking for advice and nutritional counseling set up your personal session today! A personal session, one hour long, will cost only five dollars! Please call 9270) 745-6531 to set up an appointment. Faculty and Staff: The employee wellness portal gives you access tp registered dietitians and lifestyle coaching at no cost to you! Call 1-888-471-8851 or visit wkulivehealthier.com  Healthy Tip! When choosing a side dish, get fruits or vegetables instead of starches. Healthy Tip! Drink a full glass of water before each meal. Healthy Tip! Order a smaller portion or share food when eating out.  WKU Health Services


Welcome to WellU!

Did you know that taking steps to become a healthier, more well you will help you become a better, more successful you!?  Students who get adequate sleep, exercise regularly, practice healthy eating habits, cultivate healthy social habits, and engage in campus programs tend to graduate sooner, do better in school and have a higher quality of life.  WellU is a program that is designed to help all students connect with programs and services that promote healthy habits, and success in the classroom and life.  

Member Name Events Completed
Lauren O.* 15
Kristin N.* 14
Kirschten R.* 14
Grant R.* 12
James S.* 11
Shihab M.* 11
Mengling H.* 11
Sawyer V.* 10
Holly S.* 10
Lindsey N.* 10

Health Programs & Services
Academic Advising

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Member Name Events Completed
Angella F.** 25
Bryant L.* 18
Lauren O.* 15
Kirschten R.* 14
Grant R.* 12
Lindsey N.* 10
Matt L.* 8
Wade W.* 8
Zhangyang F. 8
Spencer W.* 7

* - Completed Modules
Member Name Events Completed
Pearce Ford Tower 1362
Minton Hall 862
Barnes-Campbell Hall 770
Bemis Lawrence Hall 612
Rodes Harlin Hall 562
Douglas Keen Hall 366
McCormack Hall 347
Hugh Poland Hall 341
Southwest Hall 202
Gilbert Hall 186
Northeast Hall 144
Meredith Hall 134
Bates-Runner Hall 123
Freshmen Hall Female (Non-Comp 112
Zacharias Hall 99
McLean Hall 70
Apartments 37
Florence Schneider Hall 1

* - Completed Modules




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