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The WKU ALIVE Center offers a number of unpaid internships during the fall and spring semesters for students at Western Kentucky University. in addition, the Center offers at least one student worker position during the year. Anyone interested in student opportunities at the Center should refer to the contact email included in the description. Midway through the semester, the internship descriptions and application deadline dates are posted for the upcoming semester.






Student Worker (click for a full description):

The student worker for the WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships assists with the day-to-day functions of the Center, as well as assists in the development of volunteerism and campus/community Partnerships. The student worker serves as a student coordinator for the Student Ambassadors of Service. The student worker position is supervised by the Office Associate. For more information, contact Julia Rivas at julia.rivas@wku.edu


Student Ambassadors of Service


The Student Ambassadors of Service seeks to increase awareness of social issues and community needs, while also identifying ways for students to get involved addressing those topics through a diverse set of programs and projects. This group of WKU students volunteers their time to educate student groups and classrooms regarding the ALIVE Center's services and how students may make a difference in the Bowling Green community and surrounding areas. Visit the Student Ambassadors of Service page to download the application and job description.




Communications & Marketing internship (click for full description):

The Communications & Marketing internship for the WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships builds relationships between the ALIVE CCP and campus and community partners. This position is supervised by the Communications & Marketing Coordinator. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, communicating with campus and community partners to increase community engagement efforts, assisting with special event planning, and researching information to improve programming outcomes. For more information, contact the Communications & Marketing Coordinator at aurelia.spaulding@wku.edu


Community Partnerships Internship(click for full description):

The Community Partnerships intern for the WKU ALIVE CCP seeks ways to build and maintain positive and supportive relationships between the ALIVE CCP and our campus and community partners. This position is supervised by the Community Engagement Coordinator. The responsibilities include but are not limited to serving as a primary point of contact for community partners that wish to partner with the WKU through ALIVE CCP programs. This position will also be communicating with partners to learn about community needs and assets, maintaining electronic records of successful campus and community partnerships, as well as future project ideas. ALIVE CCP partners include WKU departments, offices, students, faculty, and staff; as well as local non-profits agencies and community groups. For more information, contact lauren.cunningham@wku.edu


Digital Media and Design Internship (click for full description):

The Digital Media and Design internship for the WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships assists with graphic design for the ALIVE Center's communication and marketing efforts. In addition, this position supports the Center's marketing efforts through various forms of digital media. For more information, contact the Communications & Marketing Coordinator at aurelia.spaulding@wku.edu.


Leading Service-Learning Internship (click for full description):

The Leading Service-Learning intern for the WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships functions as a mentor and service learning coach for classes with service-learning components by supervising one to three service-learning groups and helping coordinate with community partners project logistics. This position is supervised by the Community Engagement Coordinator. Responsibilities include but are not limited to communicating with our service-learning community partners to assist students through the project and proposal processes. The mentor and coach will also serve as liaison to specific community partners, coordinate logistics for service-learning projects with community partners, and guide service-learners through the planning and implementation processes. This position plays a vital role in the area of partner relations for the service-learners and the community members they are working with, and may assist the course instructor as needed. For more information, contact at lauren.cunningham@wku.edu


Hear from our students

talking to students and information tabletalking to community member at volunteer fairspeaking to a classat community connectjeopardy game at project affect

"Interning at the WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships was such a great learning experience. The internship helped equip me with the tools and knowledge I needed to succeed and move forward in my field. Completing this internship gave me the competitive edge I needed when entering the work force and played a role in helping me land my first job!"

~KaiLee Viehland

Spring 2011 Communications & Marketing Intern

"Being the student worker at the ALIVE Center was a great experience for me. I love that I was able to do so many different things, from planning events to writing press releases and volunteer emails, to interacting with the over 300 nonprofits in the Bowling Green area. Thanks to the ALIVE Center, I can truly say that I've had experience in working with every facet of nonprofit and volunteer management. I would highly recommend the student worker position for anyone who truly loves giving back and encouraging others to give back too."

~Kayla Tyson

2010-2011 Student Worker

"The internship at the ALIVE Center gave me so much valuable, hands-on experience. I was able to work on real projects, challenged to be creative, learned how to do field-related tasks, and had the opportunity to meet more people in the field and community. It was an experience that I draw on for years to come."

~Rebekkah Garr

Fall 2010 Communications & Marketing Intern

"My internship with the ALIVE Center gave me real world experience in marketing and communication in the nonprofit sector. It helped me build valuable skills, and I was able to talk about those skills and experiences in the interview that helped me get my first "real" job! "

~Alyssa Stephens

Fall 2010 Communications & Marketing Intern

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