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Note: The following courses are effective as of fall 2018 pending approval of the AFAM Minor.  For those of you completing your AFAM Minor before then, please consult the list of electives on the AFAM Minor page here.

Fall 2019

Required Courses:

Note: AFAM 353 is offered every spring semester.

AFAM 190: African American Experience, with A. Rosa (one web), S. Ardrey and C. Hopson

African American life and experiences in the United States viewed from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Seven core subjects are surveyed: African American history, religion, politics, creative productions (music, dance, theatre), economics, social organizations and psychology.

AFAM 343: Communities of Struggle, with A. Rosa

Examines the relationship between distinct communities of struggle in Africa and the African Diaspora and the impact of African American social movements on a range of liberation struggles within this context.

Restricted Electives:

Note: In addition to the required courses (AFAM 190, AFAM 343, AFAM 353), the minor requires at least one history course from HIST 330, HIST 359, or HIST 390; at least one cultural studies course from the following: ENG 393, COMM 463, FLK 330, or REL 309.

HIST 330: History of Africa Before 1500, with S. Doss

Examines African history chronologically from the origins of humanity to 1500 with emphasis on major political, economic, cultural and geographical themes within a regional context.

COMM 463: Advanced Intercultural Communication, with J. Kong

Prerequisite(s): Any Colonnade K-SC or K-LG course, all with a grade of "C" or better, or instructor permission. Advances understanding and application of intercultural communication theory and research for examining, analyzing, and evaluating challenges of engaging cultural difference in today's interconnected world.

FLK 330: Cultural Connections/Diversity, with B. Kaufkins

Service learning course that examines the diversity of American culture and engages students in activities to develop skills in working with a variety of cultural groups.

Unrestricted Electives:

CSJ 200: Introduction to Social Justice, with D. Cuomo

An introductory study of theories, concepts and strategies of social justice, including individual action, policy, advocacy, and collective action.

SOCL 362: Race, Class, and Gender, with TBA (Web)

The five primary institutions (family, religion, economy, education government) as they affect and are affected by race, class, and gender in America. Explores interrelationships among those institutions and between various racial and other groups.

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