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The African American Experience --

“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey

Ensuring that students have access to an inclusive education of Black history, origin, and culture is why we developed the African American Studies Program. This Program flows from the belief that the story told regarding African Americans is biased and must be re-examined from the standpoint of people of African descent as being agents in the making and "telling" of their own stories and history, and not as a marginalized or footnoted addendum to American and European History.

The program examines seven basic subject areas: African American history, religion, social organization, politics, economics, psychology, and creative production (which consists of Black Art, Music, and Literature). Through an examination of these broad areas, students begin to understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the African American Experience and grows into a tree with strong roots in knowledge and awareness of African American people.

We want you!

Western Kentucky University is committed to having a culturally diverse campus community. Our official documents contain and our the actions of the African American Studies Program seeks to reiterate commitment to diversity. We hope that you will join us at this great University. Plan a campus visit and speak with our students, faculty, and staff. You will come to discover that this is an excellent place for you to pursue your higher education. We look forward to seeing you on "the Hill!"


As a Program, we host discussions, performances, roundtables, lecture series, seminars, films, and other cultural enterprises here on "the Hill." So come join us as we explore the rich history and culture of African Americans. Students in African American Studies will retrace the steps of runaway slaves during a trip to the Underground Railroad Museum in Ripley, OH and the Freedom Museum in Cincinnati, OH. Also, they will visit Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Memphis as part of the Civil Rights Tour.


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