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Drop by the Diversity & Community Studies building to pick up an African American Studies t-shirt or pin.

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AFAM minor Ashley Hilger

Ashley Hilger, African American Studies Minor
Political Science and History Major

I grew up listening to my mom talk about seeing MLK speak live and her father whooping her for it, so as a kid I didn't wish for racism (obviously) but I wanted to be able to stand up for something. The August I moved to WKU was when Mike Brown was shot by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, and since that moment I realized racism wasn't ever really gone, it was just more covert and masked by the system. Learning about the past and the cause and effect of certain events or watershed moments can help us change the future and better understand groups of people. I took AFAM 190 with Dr. Rosa as a freshman and realized we had the minor and got into it as soon as I could. Since then, I have been hooked and loved every class I've taken and all the literature I've been given to read, and now I get to do research specifically in this program, focusing on a marginalized community. This program has pushed me to greater heights I never expected and I hope with my knowledge I can help push other people to unimaginable heights. 

AFAM minor Kijana BeauChamp

Kijana BeauChamp, African American Studies Minor
Communication Studies Major

Learning is what all should aspire to accumulate, and since I've been apart of the African American Studies Program here at Western Kentucky University, my yearning for more has been diesel fueled by the passion and instruction of the faculty in this program. My major in Communication Studies has allowed me to broaden my knowledge about different concepts/theories that connect with my learning in the African American Studies minor.


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